Author: Ralf Benzmüller

G DATA’s Malware Report H2 2013 includes the most important statistics and information regarding new malware types, websites’ threat potential as well as botnet and banking Trojan activities. Check out the essential facts. ... read more

Spam campaign still spreading: banking Trojan Bebloh circulated as email attachment

Attackers use fake invoices etc from more and more major companies


Author: SB

Another banking Trojan is now being distributed as part of the currently observed spam campaign: Bebloh. This is known for being sent as an email attachment – precisely as it is in the latest instance. It is possible that copycats have jumped onto the first scam, as experts at G DATA SecurityLabs are currently observing two very similar lines of attack running in parallel. ... read more

Author: SB, TS, RM

The attackers are sending out highly professional looking emails in the name of several large telecommunications providers and German banks: the reputation of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone as well as that of Volksbank/Fiducia and Sparkasse is currently being misused for these waves of spam. The attackers want to plunder the bank accounts of unsuspecting customers using the Swatbanker banking Trojan. ... read more

The Heartbleed Bug

More than just a vulnerability in a popular program


Author: Ralf Benzmüller

The current news about the OpenSSL vulnerability dubbed Heartbleed unsettles many PC users. The vulnerability is as severe as a vulnerability can be. But it is fixed and website admins and software providers have started updating their OpenSSL version. Nevertheless, the problem is bigger. ... read more

Cridex banking Trojan on the rise

Spam campaign involving fake invoices mainly threatens German users


Author: SB, RM, TS

In recent weeks G Data SecurityLabs has been observing a widespread spam campaign that is mainly targeting German Internet users. In two major waves so far, the names of four globally renowned companies have been misused as decoys to infect users with the Cridex banking Trojan. The attackers are currently disguising their attacks as invoices from Telekom, Vodafone or NTTCable, or as security and transaction notices from Volksbank. ... read more

Charity scam: do some good – but don't get hoodwinked!

Fraudsters exploit Christmas charitableness in phishing campaign


Author: SB

The quantity of charity appeals traditionally increases at Christmas – on the TV, on the web, in newspapers, and on advertising hoardings in town – and audiences are particularly susceptible during the time of goodwill to make donations of money and goods for charitable purposes. However, experts at G Data Software AG warn against acting too quickly and advise people to keep their eyes open. ... read more