mTAN fraud relies on conventional Trojans

G DATA BankGuard protects customers against banking Trojans.


Author: Thomas Siebert

In the last couple of days, a fraud has come to light in which mTAN-protected online banking accounts (also known as smsTAN or mobileTAN) have been plundered. ... read more

G DATA Exploit Protection effectively prevents attacks by infected Magento shops

G DATA SecurityLabs have recorded the third largest attacks of exploit kits this year.


Author: Thomas Siebert, Christian Lueg

Thousands of online shops running an outdated version of the Magento eCommerce platform have been infected with malware since 18 October 2015, according to a report by security firm Sucuri ( The infected shops distribute exploit kits to visitors in order to steal payment or login data. This is the third largest wave of attacks that G DATA security experts have recorded this year. However, the attacks are still going on. ... read more

G DATA Malware Report

January – June 2015


Author: Ralf Benzmüller

The G Data SecurityLabs published the Malware Report for the first half of 2015. Here are the most important findings. ... read more

Internet of (Things) Trouble ... the continuing story

Is the IoT industry making the same mistakes again?


Author: Eddy Willems

A half year ago we wrote about the expected problems related to IoT. And guess what? Unfortunately we were right. It even became worse in the past 6 months. Nearly everything what was described back then became exploited. And that’s not a good thing.  ... read more

Vulnerability in Android media engine Stagefright

Why panic is uncalled for and what you should do


Author: Sabrina Berkenkopf

Current media reports talk of a vulnerability that should be taken seriously and that allegedly affects 95% of all Android mobile devices. For this reason the problem has huge implications; nevertheless, it is important to react to this information with a level head. G DATA is providing tips to defuse the situation – although only the device manufacturers can solve the problem. ... read more
In October 2010 the discovery of Android.Trojan.FakePlayer.A, the first known malware for the Android operating system, struck us at G DATA SecurityLabs like a bombshell. Once the initial commotion had died down, a number of questions arose ... read more