G DATA SecurityBlog nominated as "Best European Corporate Security Blog"

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Author: Sabrina Berkenkopf

The team of experts in G DATA’s SecurityLabs feels honored to be nominated in this category. Now, you have the chance to show your support and vote for us.  ... read more

The AV Community mourns for Klaus Brunnstein

The Viren-Test-Center’s founder passed away on Tuesday, at the age of 77


Author: G DATA SecurityLabs

Brunnstein was born in Cologne and later on based in Hamburg. Working at the University of Hamburg, he influenced the computer science education worldwide. He will for sure be remembered by many G DATA colleagues. Some of them would like to express their personal memories in this article. ... read more

Dissecting the “Kraken”

Analysis of the Kraken malware that was used for a targeted attack in UAE


Author: Paul Rascagnères

In January 2015, unidentified attackers attempted to infiltrate a multi-national enterprise based in the United Arab Emirates, using a spear phishing attack with a crafted MS Word document attached to the message. Once it has reached its target, the payload used was designed to work as an information stealer and reconnaissance tool. G DATA’s security experts identified the malware behind this attack and reveal information about the actual power of the malware’s tentacles. ... read more

Author: Sabrina Berkenkopf. Matthias Meyer

The recent case of malware distribution via Google AdSense advertising banners is an arresting example of how quickly a huge number of websites across the world can become embroiled in cyber attacks. A supplier of the advertising network has apparently been compromised. The attackers deployed the Nuclear exploit kit with the aim of infecting millions of users with malware. Since mid-March, Nuclear has been using an exploit for a fairly new security hole in Adobe Flash Player that has evidently not yet been closed on many computers. The innovative G DATA Exploit Protection has been preventing attacks since the outset. ... read more

IoT: The Internet of Things... ehm... Trouble?!

A balancing act between usability and security


Author: Eddy Willems

It is 20 years ago that I first included a slide in my presentation about sending spam via a refrigerator. At the time, most people found that ridiculous. Yet last year, it became a reality. Refrigerators have now become 'smart’ and can do a whole lot more than just keep things cool. ... read more

The Andromeda/Gamarue botnet is on the rise again

Attackers use complex multi-stage macro dropper to deliver malware


Author: Paul Rascagnères

Attacks carried out with documents pepped up with macros seem to become in vogue again. G DATA’s security experts have analyzed several cases within the last weeks, in which active content in documents triggers an infection. The experts want to explain two different approaches for the same current goal: infect the user with malware that enlists the machine as zombie PC in the Andromeda/Gamarue botnet.  ... read more